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To improve the world we live in.

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Work towards inter-stakeholder cooperation to resolve social and environmental divides.

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Acting together on all territories

A label​

that identifies and promotes concrete, impactful and replicable initiatives and replicable initiatives throughout our world.

A community of committed actors​

who help each other to make the common good the common good in all types of territories.

Concrete projects​

To mobilize groups of actors ready to work together in a spirit of trust.

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Our vision

Contribute to a society based on the principle of trust and not just on the precautionary principle

A society full of hope, where citizens get involved, where associations, public actors and companies cooperate in the service of the common good and fight against all the fractures in society: employment, housing, education, health and environment.

Mapping citizen solutions

We wish to identify and map citizen solutions implemented in different countries, at the local, regional or national level, that are effective in addressing the main fractures of our society.

A common will to work together

We want to build and deploy pathways, solution packages and collective projects, because we are stronger together with the constant concern of maximizing impact.

To make known the solutions that work

We want to promote through its communication and media actions that work, through social networks and media partnerships.

Establish a diagnosis

Organize and define the engineering

Communicate & Promote

Our priority areas of intervention

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Ecological Transition



Health / Food

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